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About Us

Committed to creating a better world through sustainable technology, growth, and opportunities

Global RAIS® balances profit and purpose in the solutions we offer our customers, how we create opportunities for our employees, and ultimately generate a positive impact on the economy and our environment.

Our Pursuit of B Corp Certification Directly Reflects Our Values

  • Contribute to an ethical and green supply chain
  • Build an inclusive and sustainable economy through responsible growth
  • Create verifiable social and environmental performance goals
  • Provide high-quality jobs in an inclusive, diverse, and equitable work culture

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Our Leadership Team

  • Gregory Cox, MS

    Co-Founder, CEO

    Experienced manager with hand’s on expertise in solar PV and storage design for distributed energy systems

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  • Todd Broome, MD


    Practicing physician and successful commercial real estate owner and developer

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  • Robin Cox, PhD

    Sustainability Officer

    Organizational development expertise with a focus on ESG Reporting

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