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Differentiated and Proven Technology

Global RAIS® systems utilize proprietary technology to provide complete solutions far superior to conventional photovoltaic (PV) systems. Our patented module architecture, system architecture, mechanical application, and storage capabilities solve traditional challenges.

The Global RAIS® Kit

Global RAIS® Patented Smart Module Architecture

Global RAIS® Smart Module architecture begins with parallel, or matrix, cell connections, which enables cell-independent performance versus conventional PV systems’ serial cell connections.

Parallel cell architecture is enhanced with module-integrated electronics (MIE) to produce Smart Modules.

Resiliency Advantage

A spike embedded in the module creates only 1.2% energy loss, versus entire module failure as would occur with conventional PV systems’ serial cell connections.

Global RAIS® Proprietary Parallel System Architecture

Global RAIS® systems build current through parallel architecture, which overcomes issues with conventional PV systems that are built with serial architecture in which single points of failure can shut down single modules thus reducing string performance or even entire strings and inverters.

Reliability Advantage

Global RAIS® parallel system architecture ensures that if a single device fails, the other entities in the system take up the slack, causing only a minimal drop in output efficiency, virtually eliminating the possibility of a complete system failure.

DC-to-DC Efficient Storage & Low Voltage Solar

Battery storage integrates naturally into the array, as the array architecture is low-voltage on the DC side <60Vdc. Our PV modules behave similarly to current sources, operating at the line voltage.

The battery will control the line voltage with the panels providing charging current within the range of 30V-59V.

Our design fits with most 48V battery storage units available on the market, and the voltage is factory and field-settable to accommodate other storage device settings.

Safety & Efficiency Advantage

Low-voltage architecture increases safety and reduces fire hazards.

Global RAIS® Advantages Over Conventional Systems

Characteristic Conventional Global RAIS®
Solar Cell Connections Serial Matrix
Partial Shade Performance Poor Excellent
Power Point Tracking String Within Module
Performance Degradation High Low