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A whole-system approach providing complete solutions

Global RAIS® solutions allow customers to have more power generation over the life of their systems in the same square footage as a conventional solar system. Our modules are resilient, cost-effective, and proven over time to be less hazardous than traditional solar photovoltaic systems.

Global RAIS® solutions ensure strong module performance across all types of installations.


Installations Worldwide

Global RAIS® System Advantages

Greater Durability

Patent-protected module architecture is cell agnostic, has an aluminum back sheet, and is minimally affected by shade, delamination, or water intrusion from physical damage to the module.

Easy Installation

Our systems are easier to install and maintain by non-electricians which leads to lower costs for labor. With minimal training, 3.5 kW per person-hour is normal compared to the NREL benchmark install rate of 1.6 kW installed per person-hour for conventional solar.

Higher Energy Density

Modules can be placed closer to rooftop obstructions with minimal impact allowing for a 40% increase in energy density over conventional solar systems. Higher energy density means more power and more energy production over time.

Lightweight Integrated Design

Integrated design requiring little or no ballasting keeps our systems light (<3PSF on most projects).